Why India Is Best For Network Marketing

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In the last few years, the scenario of the MLM industry has suddenly changed. Lot of companies have entered into the Indian Market. Few of them are survived, but most of them are unable to retain their business.
Those companies, which survived, are now doing an extraordinary business in India. Most of them rate India as the biggest global market in coming years.
The author, Dr. Ujjwal Patni, an international trainer, best selling author & Networking specialist, and the proud achiever of three Guinness world records, has nicely narrated - ‘Why one person succeeds in this system and why another fails? Why one company survives and reaches the top while an other company has to shut doors?’
This book throws light on why to join MLM and how to succeed in India. The special section on why India is best for MLM, is unique. Besides this, how to communicate with your team and handle your down line will give the readers new insights.
This book emphasizes also on multiple network warnings which every networker must understand, and the merits and demerits of this business system.
It provides an easy-to-understand answers on ‘Network Marketing’, and highlights on ‘Why to join MLM?’, ‘How to do MLM in India?’, ‘How to get success in Network Marketing?’ and so on...
This book is the most fair and impartial, ever written. The networkers are definitely going to be benefited largely through this book. A must read book for all, who wish to join MLM.

About the Author

Dr. Ujjwal Patni is an international trainer, motivational speaker and best selling author. He is an achiever of three Guinness world records, and the recipient of fifteen other prestigious awards. He has been included in the prestigious Top Ten Global Indian Thinkers list of 2014. Ujjwal has written six books on ‘Motivation’ and ‘Marketing’ that have sold more than one million copies in twelve languages. The best seller books are- ‘Power Thinking’, ‘Jeet Yaa Haar Raho Taiyar’, ‘Judo Jodo Jeeto’ and ‘Safal Vakta Safal Vyakti’. More than three million participants have changed their life through his seminar (more than 1500) and weekly motivational talks across the world.

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Name Why India Is Best For Network Marketing
ISBN 9789384976088
Pages 192
Language English
Author Dr. Ujjwal Patni
Format Paperback
Why India Is Best For Network Marketing
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