Rahim Ke Dohe(History)

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Rahim is an eminent name in the world of Hindi Literature. He has made sterling contributions for the Bhakti Kaal or the medieval Hindi literature that is marked by the influence of Bhakti movement and composition of long, epic poems. This great humanitarian is renowned for his amazing sense of judgement. As a writer, Rahim stands in a class by himself. Since all of his works touch the true conditions of human life, the Rahim is also renowned as the people's poet. Raheem's lines are still to be found among the people living in the Hindi heartland. The current book on the developers on Indian literature gives a brief snapshot about the life and times of Raheem.
Apart from being a great devotional poet, Rahim was also a skilled warrior and successful politician. He was one of the nine important ministers (dewan) in Emperor Akbar's court, also known as the Navaratnas and served as the emperor's trusted advisors. He had fought many battles for Akbar and won most of them. Rahim was known for giving alms to the poor with immense humility. His incredible contribution to Hindi literature in the form of couplets referred to as Dohas conveyed in melodious language immortalised him. All of his literary works mirror deeply held views on varied aspects of life. His dohas have important messages and a great deal of worldly wisdom. Rahim's beautiful and meaningful dohas will continue to inspire, enlighten, and work towards wellbeing of mankind till the eternity.

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Name Rahim Ke Dohe(History)
ISBN 9789381383674
Pages 114
Language Hindi
Author Swami Ananad
Format Paperback
Rahim Ke Dohe(History)
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