Pranayam Kundalini & Hatha Yoga


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Pranayam, Kundalini & Hathayoga form a part of our ancient heritage which has not lost their relevance in the fast moving modern world. On the contrary, they have become indispensable because now we want perfect health at a stressful and maddening pace. If you devote just half-an-hour every day to these practices you will find their favorable impact on your general health, both mental and physical, in only a couple of weeks time. As for as Kunhdalini awakening is concerned, it is the end result of all Yogic Sadhana. It is the experience which makes you realize all your talent and potentials since it establishes a communion between you and the Supreme. This is the ultimate Samadhi. But it is very difficult to attain this level without the guidance of a Guru. It is only he, who makes your body capable of ‘bearing’ these experiences through the rigorous practices of Pranayam and Hathayoga.

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Name Pranayam Kundalini & Hatha Yoga
ISBN 9788171825394
Pages 112
Language English
Author Bhagwan Dev
Format Paper Back
DPB code DB01516
Pranayam Kundaline Aur Hatyoga
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