Let Us Learn Yoga In Bengali

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“Let us learn Yoga In Gujarati" is published for our children & readers. It is described in a very simple and easy-to-understand language. It consists of all details about the benefits, types, method etc. and briefly explains about 'Why should we do Yoga?' In this book various yogasans especially 'Surya Namaskar', 'Kapalbhati', 'Pranayam' and few difficult asans are mentioned. Children are not only going to learn Yoga, rather they will get all the benefits of doing Yoga. So, dear kids-'Come & learn Yoga' through this book.

Learning Yoga is not that difficult as the children use to think. More so, today the whole world is inclined to Yoga. So, if our children learn to do yoga, then what is the harm in it? By doing Yoga, our children can understand the benefits of Yoga and become hale & healthy, always. This book is going to make them understand about Yoga, which they all wanted to understand. It is said that 'anything done with concentration is Yoga', so you should also move ahead to learn Yoga.

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Name Let Us Learn Yoga In Bengali
ISBN 9789351657620
Pages 72
Language Bengali
Author Ranu Saran
Format Paperback
Let Us Learn Yoga In Bengali
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