Is God In Coma (Novel)

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Name Is God In Coma (Novel)
ISBN 9789390960972
Pages 552
Language English
Author Rakesh Anand
Format Paperback
Genres Earth Sciences & The Natural World

Having spent a good amount of time in Hollywood and Himalayas, Rakesh Anand has seen the extremes of both the Worlds - materialistic as well as spiritual - he knows about all of their secrets' inside out. he Author lost his mother when he was hardly thirteen years old. For months together, he kept on wondering as to where his mother had suddenly disappeared and why. Well it took quite a long time for him to finally understand the “reality' – he was in a state of indefinable grief but not exactly grief-stricken.Suddenly, everything had changed in his life and though he kept on going with the flow of life like the rest but deep inside, he was always ‘restless'. To figure out the ‘truth of life', he started doing his own study and research while also consulting with various religious scholars and kept on penning down his thoughts and experiences - over a period of more than two decades.Finally, he came up with this Visionary Novel, based on reality - and not false notions. The best part – it's not one of those routine, theoretical type books on 'God' but a page-turner character-driven Novel, having various elements – heavy dose of philosophy and romance, sacrifice, tragedy, satire, relationship conflicts, hilarious episodes, etc etc – thanks to the Author's broad experience as an Actor and Script Writer.The essence of this Novel: Anand's vision to create a heaven-like place - ‘City of Humans' - World's 1st Godless Commune of its own kind meant exclusively for the victims of global religious terrorism; Anand's earnest message to the fellow Humans to convert the 'Houses of Gods' into 'Homes for the needy Living Beings'; propagation of the highly ignored 'anti-natalism' philosophy to encourage people to abstain from procreation since it's morally wrong to bring ‘someone' in this imperfect world instead one can adopt Orphans and make their life better; introduction of Anand's newly invented 'Stethoscopic Meditation Technique' for the overall development of Human Consciousness’.his is what really makes this Novel truly exceptional and visionary - something never ever conceived by a ‘Human Being’.!

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