डायमंड राशिफल 2016 मेष

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Mesh is ruled by Mars. Since Mars has predominance of fire, such a person is very aggressive and of fiery temperament. Aries is a masculine sign and hence the natural behaviour of its people is courageous, a bit arrogant and they tend to arouse manly behaviour. Such people lose their temper quite frequently. They can't tolerate even a bit of opposition. They have, like the symbol of the sign, a ram, a strong head and they are prone to getting involved in a fight headlong. Like a goat, they have sallow and a little bloodshot eyes.

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Name डायमंड राशिफल 2016 मेष
ISBN 9789351657767
Pages 112
Language Hindi
Author Pt. Ramesh Bhojraj Dwivedi
Format Paperback
Diamond Horoscope 2016 Mesh In Hindi
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