Deep Se Deep Jalein Hindi

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One Lamp could kindle many other lamps provided others have the fuel and the wick. Our life’s lamp burns only when we are ready to burn ourselves. Alone having the lamp is not enough; that lamp must have the longing and enthusiasm to burn itself. Even though we have seeds available in plenty, all can’t be germinated! The germination taken place only when the atmosphere around be congenial and alone ambiance be also insufficient unless the seed itself is willing to get germinated. The congenial atmosphere may keep on exhorting all seeds to come out with their sprouts as it is waiting but only those which respond with matching enthusiasm get germinated and show their sprouts to eventually become the plants!

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Name Deep Se Deep Jalein Hindi
ISBN 9789351656845
Pages 144
Language Hindi
Author Acharya Sudarshan
Format Hardbound
Deep Se Deep Jalein Hindi
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