Aesop The Best Stories

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Nearly 2, 500 year ago, there was a slave in greece, named Aesop. When he saw the activities being inflicted on people under the slavery system, his heart started crying bitterly. His experiences got transformed into unique stories. Aesop used to move from one region to another to tell those stories to children. Wherever he went, children used to surround him, who was their Aesop Baba, the man with stories. They used to request him to tell a story. In a little time, these stories reached the entire world. The renowned author, Prakash Manu has presented these Aesop's tales in such a beautiful manner that they will definitely entertain and instruct our young readers.

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Name Aesop The Best Stories
ISBN 9788128833182
Pages 100
Language English
Author Prakash Mannu
Format Hard Bound
Aesop The Best Stories
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