Actually There's No Problem


Quick Overview

When you say, "Thank You", for a favour or a service, instead of saying, " you're welcome", many people today respond by saying "No problem." Do they really mean that they have no problem in offering that gesture or service or have "No problem" in their lives? Really? of course, all of us face many, many problems. The common problems all of us face are presented and tackled for their long term solutions in this book.
Basically, we face two types of problems: One, relating to today's lifestyle like the price for 'the good life'. the search for security, our freedom and independence, hankering after money, power and wealth and the stress and tension of corporate ladder. The other and more everlasting problems concern us about our real aim and purpose in our life, coping with this chaotic world, our real self interest, getting to know our true self, and finally, our easy last resort which it is not.

This book makes it abundantly clear: Actually, there's no problem.

More Information
Name Actually There's No Problem
ISBN 9788128828898
Pages 176
Language English
Author Swami B.S Tirtha Maharaj
Format Paper Back
Actually There's No Problem
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