9 Winning Habits of Successful Software Sales Professionals

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Name 9 Winning Habits of Successful Software Sales Professionals
ISBN 9789352969203
Pages 130
Language English
Author Dr. Raghu Korrapati
Format Paperback
Genres Business, Economics & Law

It is often said that salespeople would rather sell than spend a day learning how to do it. They think time is money and every hour spent in training is money lost and time wasted. But what they fail to understand is that learning how to do sales effectively is actually a catalyst for great sales results for the organization and excellent sales performance for the individual. It is worth noting that while sales is one of the easiest careers to get into, it is not as easy to sustain and spend a life in. So to put it in simpler words, “everyone can be a sales person, but not everyone can be a successful sales person” to be a successful salesperson it is important to have a deep understanding of the industry you cater to. While the General skill set remains the same, it is the deeper and niche understanding that has the power to differentiate the best from the rest. In the market, there are numerous books and articles on various sales techniques available. In this book, I am discussing the 'nine habits of highly effective software sales professionals'. The title gives you a broad idea of what this book is all about, but more than nine habits, it is packed with 30 years of My personal and professional experience in the software industry and managing clients. I provided more emphasis on how successful sales professionals; sales leaders and their companies organize themselves with short-term and long-term planning and adopt disciplined execution on those plans.

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